Williams Veterinary Service


Nami was a little kitten with a severd broken leg, brought in to be put down.

When he arrived at Williams Veterinary Clinic, he purred while trying to walk toward Nancy on the examing table.

With Nancy's compassionate heart, she decided to fix this little kitten. Nancy and her clientele donated money, time and a lot of care to nurse Nami. What you see in this picture is the result. It took 6 months for Nami to heal completely and over $5,000 in costs.

 Today, Nami is living on a mini-farm with lots of
other cats and dogs living life as if he always had only three legs.


Copper was born with hip-dysphasia.

Through many years of Rimadyl, Metacam, extra doses of Glucosamine HCI with MSM, and special food for large breed dogs, Copper has completely recovered.

Copper no longer needs any medicine to help with the pain though he believes he cannot jump up due to the years of hip dysphasia.

He is living happily on a farm with lots of animals.

(He just loves Nancy and thinks his second home is the clinic).