Williams Veterinary Service

                                                   About Us

  • Nancy received her DVM in 1977 at Washington State Univeristy. She proceeded to get her Masters in Veterinary Science w/ emphasis on Viruses of Sheep and Goats at Oregon State University in 1983. She started her work as a veterinarian out of her car. After a while, Nancy started work at Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital for several years.

  • In 1991, her and her husband Jim, bought a home and converted the garage into a small clinic (see home page) called Williams Veterinary Service. Located in the Foothills of the Cascades in Maple Falls, Washington. It was a very small town and the average family lives below poverty level. Many retirees live in the surrounding areas as well.

  • Nancy occassionally does charity work (no charge) for animals in need and has adopted a few along the way. She is able to provide this from the donations (see home page informaton) she receives.

  • Most of her staff in voluntary. This is a family run business, Nancy and her husband Jim. Nancy provides internship every few years for future Veterinary Doctors or Technicians. Currently she has two dogs, house cats, and one clinic cat. All are living very happy and prolonged lives under Nancy's care.